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world’s largest autism dataset goes online-pg电子网址

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we are pleased to announce that wuxi nextcode and simons foundation have put the world’s largest autism dataset online, uniting the genome and the internet for real-time queries and collaboration.  now accessible in the cloud with wuxi nextcode clinical discovery analytics, the simons simplex collection is a rigorously characterized data collection designed to support the discovery of rare, de novo genetic events that increase risk of developing autism spectrum disorders.    the scc portal has been inaugurated by autism researchers from 17 leading institutions from the u.s., canada, china, france, iceland, austria, ireland, brazil and qatar, and from today will be open to researchers worldwide.  it comprises 10,000 exomes from families with one child with an autism spectrum disorder.  the data can be instantly be used in tandem with other major datasets around the world, as a standard reference and the hub for autism genomics research of unprecedented  scale.  we are thrilled and proud to be working with the simons foundation to inaugurate what we see as a new era of global collaboration to better understand, diagnose and address autism spectrum disorders.

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